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Coming Back After a Very Long Time - Kathy_Fraggle
Coming Back After a Very Long Time
Wow, coming back here is kind of like looking through a dusty old closet of your childhood things after being away and living a whole new life, kinda weirdly fun and sad at the same time. I know people may think I''m crazy, because I don't know if anyone uses LJ anymore, but I'm going to keep on writing in here just on the chance that someday I might get an answer back from the void. Anyway, I went through a bad patch for a while, and I'm not sure I'm quite through it yet, but I'd like to think I'm doing better, and trying to reconnect with who I really am, hense reopening this journal. Actually I found an LJ link while doing a google search for something, and thought why not give it a go? Also, I want to start writing again. Anyway, for those who don't already know I've moved from New York to Florida, and while I don't love it, I'd say I'm getting along alright. Disney World is a big plus! We're going there next week for my birthday. Anyway, I want to write more, but I'm hungry and I haven't had lunch yet. I'll be back later, I hope!

Current Location: My livingroom
Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: Rick Springfield : Somebody's Baby

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sifukatara From: sifukatara Date: March 31st, 2016 06:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey there! I'm so glad you're back! I've also started psoting again a few weeks ago. You have a lot to read from me, but take your time. I'll be posting a lot about your nephew! LOL! I'm excited to visit you! I love you!
mindy_mousie From: mindy_mousie Date: April 7th, 2016 01:40 am (UTC) (Link)
heya, Kathleen! Which part of Florida did you move to? We're in Ocala now.
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