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Partial Teddy Ruxpin Dream - Kathy_Fraggle
Partial Teddy Ruxpin Dream
Well I said I'd put down my fan dreams here, but I haven't had one of any kind in so long! Anyway, the first part of my dream involved me having herpes, due to some stupid movie my cousin had us watching part of last night. Anyway, it could've been the second part of that dream or another dream altogether, as thankfully it had nothing to do with the first part. It took place in my old apartment, where a lot of my weirder dreams have been taking place lately. Newton Gimmick was sitting in my grandmother's chair, racked with guilt as he had just heard a news report that one of his inventions had been used to kill 4 people in a battle of some kind. Grubby and I, and possibly Teddy and Prince Arin were trying to convince him that it wasn't his fault, and I repeated the old saying "guns don't kill people; people kill people," except instead of guns I substituted the long and complicated name of the invention.

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