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Facebook Groups - Kathy_Fraggle
Facebook Groups
So I know I made a big deal about coming back to LJ, made a few entries and then left again. Shame on me! I guess I and anyone else who happens to be reading this will have to get used to the idea that I'm a spiratic updater. Anyway, I thought I'd use this space to advertise the facebook groups that I run! The first one is for the 1980's phenomena that is/was Teddy Ruxpin. Whether you prefer the book and tape series or the cartoon that followed, come here to talk about your favorite stories, songs, characters, and to just generally hang out with other fans!
The second is for all things Lilo & Stitch! Come here to talk about the movies, TV series, fanfiction, and again, to get to know other fans!
Both groups are small, but I try to keep them as active as I can, and once they grow a bit, they'll be even more fantastic!

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