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Making someone's night - Kathy_Fraggle
Making someone's night
Well, I'm back at school, and I wanted to share a story of something that happened on the way back. Before dropping me off, my mom went to get gas in New Jersey which, as everyone knows, is cheaper than New York. Anyway, she had to borrow some money from me. She didn't need much, so I gave her a 20. It came to a little less than that, so I told her to give it to the guy as a tip. It turned out to be a three dollar tip, and when he realized mom didn't want change, his reaction was great! I believe it was something like, "Really? You sure? Thank you!" I said afterwards to Mom, I would've payed him just to see that reaction from him! I like giving people generous tips when I can. Gas station attendants in particular are forced to stand out in the cold for hours, do a dirty and low-end job, and are probably used to people who are stressed and in a hurry and don't stop to give them a second thought. Wait staff in restaurants and delivery people don't have it much better. Unless the service is really horrible, I usually go just a little above the recommended amount.

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mindy_mousie From: mindy_mousie Date: January 28th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Those of us in low paying jobs really appreciate the kindness of strangers. It makes the job a little easier. :)
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