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Incredibly long dream series - Kathy_Fraggle
Incredibly long dream series
This is the longest dream, or couple of dreams, I ever remember having. The first one, I don't remember too much of, except that it involved, of all characters, Wick from TMNT The Next Mutation. There's not much to go into about it, but it was the driving force I think throughout the next dream. Then I woke up around 10 after 4, went to the bathroom, and was back asleep by 4:30.
The next dream started with me being excited about the previous dream, and wanting to tweet about it, but for one reason or another, I never got the chance. We were going up to Ann's for a party, and I brought my computer with me. The funny thing was that I had my computer beside me on the bed, so assuming the battery hadn't died by that point, when someone signed in to MSN in the dream, it could've been them signing in in real life. Anyway, there were also little kids there, who went out to swim in the pool. As I was sitting there, on the floor for some reason, it came about that one of the kids hurt themselves somehow. I think his mother was there, but Mom, Ann and I followed them to the ER anyway. For some reason it was so far out of the way, that the 3 of us took a hotel room for the night. Ann and I went to the bathroom, somehow we never made it into our rooms to use the private one, but anyway, as we were there we heard Rob Paulsen giving a live show. It almost sounded as if he were in the next room! Anyway, I mentioned to Ann that I wished I could meet him, but that probably wasn't going to happen now. Mom left, (don't ask how I knew what she was doing from the other side of the door), and as Ann and I left the bathroom, who does she come walking back up the hallway with, but the man himself! I shook his hand, and said I was happy to meet him. I don't remember all that he said to me, and I know I didn't say nearly all that I should've said to him. I remember when he left thinking that I should've asked him some question or other for his podcast, or even who would be on it next. I remember thinking that I should tell him what shows of his I was a fan of, Lilo & Stitch, TMNT and Pinky and the Brain. I think I did, but I can't be sure. Anyway, at one point I took his arm for a bit of sighted guide, and was pleasantly surprised at how tall he was. Now this is something I'm curious about. Anyway, next thing I knew Mom and I were back in our own house. I guess I was just starting to think about waking up at that point, because I remember questioning several times whether my meeting with Rob had been a dream or not. I asked Mom if it actually had happened, and she said yes. When I woke up for real, I felt the slightest bit betrayed, lol. Anyway, the dream ended with me sitting on my bed with my computer, (funny how that appeared again), about to tweet about my previous dream and everything that had happened since then. When I woke up I realized that it was a good thing I never got to, as it would take me about 50 tweets to do it, lol.

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