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I just popped on here to look for something, and although I didn't stop to read what I saw, from the look of my friend's page and what's trending, it looks as if a lot of people have been posting! To be honest, I know LJ has become a joke among some people because it's so old. Even I have smiled a bit when I see a Livejournal social link on a website. But I'm glad to see it's made a comeback!

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Today feels like it was very long, but also very good and productive. I woke up very early before Mom left for work, said hi to her, and then went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then Lauren called so we could watch the new Sofia the First episode. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it was still good. As usual, I had fun watching it with her! Then I went back to sleep until about 2, and had some rather odd dreams that had me waking up in a rather bad mood. Then I toodled around until my mom came home, Bob, her boyfriend followed almost an hour later. We had fried chicken for dinner, and went out to Bob and my new favorite icecream place for dessert. Then we came home and did a lot of packing for our move, which was actually kind of fun! I feel like I got something of a workout, and there was a lot of fun shouting and laughter involved. Made me feel young! lol Then Mom and Bob went out to the pool for a bit, but I opted out. I don't know why, I do love being in the water, but going through the work of getting into a swimsuit, bringing all your stuff down to the pool, getting out and having to drag all your stuff back and changing, not so much. I thought having our own pool would take care of that and I'd go swimming more, but unfortunately our new house doesn't have a pool. Oh well, there are a bunch of other things that make it great! Anyway, after they got back we watched the news and Modern Family for a bit, and I finally got them off to bed, lol. Now I'm watching Sheriff Callie. My night is still young! lol
Anyway, nothing too serious and maybe nothing too exciting in this post, but I just wanted to write down the events of the best day I've had in a long time!

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Wow, coming back here is kind of like looking through a dusty old closet of your childhood things after being away and living a whole new life, kinda weirdly fun and sad at the same time. I know people may think I''m crazy, because I don't know if anyone uses LJ anymore, but I'm going to keep on writing in here just on the chance that someday I might get an answer back from the void. Anyway, I went through a bad patch for a while, and I'm not sure I'm quite through it yet, but I'd like to think I'm doing better, and trying to reconnect with who I really am, hense reopening this journal. Actually I found an LJ link while doing a google search for something, and thought why not give it a go? Also, I want to start writing again. Anyway, for those who don't already know I've moved from New York to Florida, and while I don't love it, I'd say I'm getting along alright. Disney World is a big plus! We're going there next week for my birthday. Anyway, I want to write more, but I'm hungry and I haven't had lunch yet. I'll be back later, I hope!

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So I know I made a big deal about coming back to LJ, made a few entries and then left again. Shame on me! I guess I and anyone else who happens to be reading this will have to get used to the idea that I'm a spiratic updater. Anyway, I thought I'd use this space to advertise the facebook groups that I run! The first one is for the 1980's phenomena that is/was Teddy Ruxpin. Whether you prefer the book and tape series or the cartoon that followed, come here to talk about your favorite stories, songs, characters, and to just generally hang out with other fans!
The second is for all things Lilo & Stitch! Come here to talk about the movies, TV series, fanfiction, and again, to get to know other fans!
Both groups are small, but I try to keep them as active as I can, and once they grow a bit, they'll be even more fantastic!

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Well, I'm back at school, and I wanted to share a story of something that happened on the way back. Before dropping me off, my mom went to get gas in New Jersey which, as everyone knows, is cheaper than New York. Anyway, she had to borrow some money from me. She didn't need much, so I gave her a 20. It came to a little less than that, so I told her to give it to the guy as a tip. It turned out to be a three dollar tip, and when he realized mom didn't want change, his reaction was great! I believe it was something like, "Really? You sure? Thank you!" I said afterwards to Mom, I would've payed him just to see that reaction from him! I like giving people generous tips when I can. Gas station attendants in particular are forced to stand out in the cold for hours, do a dirty and low-end job, and are probably used to people who are stressed and in a hurry and don't stop to give them a second thought. Wait staff in restaurants and delivery people don't have it much better. Unless the service is really horrible, I usually go just a little above the recommended amount.

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Alright, I've been sick for over a week now. It's getting old! I couldn't even talk when I went out to the livingroom this morning, only wisper.
In other news, Dianne didn't come yesterday because of the snow that was predicted, so now she's thinking of coming to see me at school sometime. Better for me because I'll have more privacy there.
I know people say LJ is practically dead, but I'm excited about coming back here more! Word is in some of the facebook groups I'm in that a lot of fandoms have groups here, and I'm going to start looking for some! I'd also like to connect with some friends on here who I already know from facebook and elsewhere.

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For most of today I've been feeling witchy. Maybe it's the moonstone pentagram I'm wearing. It was given to me last summer as a gift by my boss at a little new age shop I worked at. I couldn't wear it because the chain was too short, so my mom got me a new one for Christmas. Anyway, I don't know if it has anything to do with that, but I've been feeling pretty good!

This may sound weird, but did you ever feel like you were wanting something more? Not knowing what, but just having the feeling that something should happen, or that there's something terrific you could be doing or that could be going on. That you wanted some excitement, or just, as I said, something more. What do you do when that happens?

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Well I said I'd put down my fan dreams here, but I haven't had one of any kind in so long! Anyway, the first part of my dream involved me having herpes, due to some stupid movie my cousin had us watching part of last night. Anyway, it could've been the second part of that dream or another dream altogether, as thankfully it had nothing to do with the first part. It took place in my old apartment, where a lot of my weirder dreams have been taking place lately. Newton Gimmick was sitting in my grandmother's chair, racked with guilt as he had just heard a news report that one of his inventions had been used to kill 4 people in a battle of some kind. Grubby and I, and possibly Teddy and Prince Arin were trying to convince him that it wasn't his fault, and I repeated the old saying "guns don't kill people; people kill people," except instead of guns I substituted the long and complicated name of the invention.

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Well, there's a lot on my mind, but I still don't really like the thought of having to put all my thoughts together in a nice, concise and elequent way to write them, so I thought I'd just write whatever came to mind until I felt I'd rambled on long enough or got distracted by something else, lol. First of all I'm using the mobile version of LJ for the first time, and so far it's proving to be wonderful! Hopefully it'll inspire me to come here more often, as there is stuff that I want and need to say that's too long, or strange, or personal for facebook. Plus, I remember long ago I used to get my kicks by reading random peoples' livejournals, so maybe someone, somewhere will get some odd, procrastinating pleasure out of reading mine, lol. If anyone does by the way, please feel free to leave me a message. I love meeting new people, and it'd be a nice break from the spam I've been seeing lately! Anyone else having that problem?
Anyway, I'm a bit sick. It's not really bad though, and after drinking some peach snapple I'm feeling a bit better, so I don't think it'll last through the weekend. Four day weekend for me! I love how my three-day weekends are four, and my regular two day weekends are three in college. One of it's few perks, I guess. Oh yes, and after a while being away from home is nice too. I'm making a knew start this semester! How many times have I said that before? This time though, I'm serious about getting more help, and paying more attention to assignments and things like that. I've already put a lot of that in place. Now I just need to worry about convincing the commission next week... Actually I'm not so much worried about their reaction as I am about my mom. Even if it turns out to be good news, she'll still probably act as if I personally brought about the epocolipse. She offered to bring me home tomorrow, even though she told me last week she didn't want me home. I told her she didn't have to. Eh, I've got work to do anyway, and she's right in that it's easier for me to focus here, if only just. Of course, she didn't say it in so many words... Anyway, she's gonna come tomorrow and bring me some new clothes, and I'm gonna ask her to bring me a cupcake as well if there are any left. My aunt made them the other night from scratch, and I couldn't wait to try one! When I realized I left without doing so, I was dispreportionately upset for just a cupcake. Internally, I was balling like a five-year-old, "I didn't have a cupcake and my mom doesn't want me to come home ever again, (which to be fair she didn't say either), and now I'll never get to try one!" Once in a while , not often but sometimes, I'll feel like that. I'll have this sadness that's not caused by day to day stress, anger or frustration or anything like that, but feels more like a small child who lost their favorite toy. I'm making it sound petty when infact it's not. It's a sort of more raw, keening feeling. Does that make sense? Oh, my feelings are just all over the place lately! Even in the time I've been writing this, I've gone through several, lol.
Anyway, I think I'll end for now. More later, including a rundown of my trip to Universal! Florida, I meant Florida!

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This is the longest dream, or couple of dreams, I ever remember having. The first one, I don't remember too much of, except that it involved, of all characters, Wick from TMNT The Next Mutation. There's not much to go into about it, but it was the driving force I think throughout the next dream. Then I woke up around 10 after 4, went to the bathroom, and was back asleep by 4:30.
The next dream started with me being excited about the previous dream, and wanting to tweet about it, but for one reason or another, I never got the chance. We were going up to Ann's for a party, and I brought my computer with me. The funny thing was that I had my computer beside me on the bed, so assuming the battery hadn't died by that point, when someone signed in to MSN in the dream, it could've been them signing in in real life. Anyway, there were also little kids there, who went out to swim in the pool. As I was sitting there, on the floor for some reason, it came about that one of the kids hurt themselves somehow. I think his mother was there, but Mom, Ann and I followed them to the ER anyway. For some reason it was so far out of the way, that the 3 of us took a hotel room for the night. Ann and I went to the bathroom, somehow we never made it into our rooms to use the private one, but anyway, as we were there we heard Rob Paulsen giving a live show. It almost sounded as if he were in the next room! Anyway, I mentioned to Ann that I wished I could meet him, but that probably wasn't going to happen now. Mom left, (don't ask how I knew what she was doing from the other side of the door), and as Ann and I left the bathroom, who does she come walking back up the hallway with, but the man himself! I shook his hand, and said I was happy to meet him. I don't remember all that he said to me, and I know I didn't say nearly all that I should've said to him. I remember when he left thinking that I should've asked him some question or other for his podcast, or even who would be on it next. I remember thinking that I should tell him what shows of his I was a fan of, Lilo & Stitch, TMNT and Pinky and the Brain. I think I did, but I can't be sure. Anyway, at one point I took his arm for a bit of sighted guide, and was pleasantly surprised at how tall he was. Now this is something I'm curious about. Anyway, next thing I knew Mom and I were back in our own house. I guess I was just starting to think about waking up at that point, because I remember questioning several times whether my meeting with Rob had been a dream or not. I asked Mom if it actually had happened, and she said yes. When I woke up for real, I felt the slightest bit betrayed, lol. Anyway, the dream ended with me sitting on my bed with my computer, (funny how that appeared again), about to tweet about my previous dream and everything that had happened since then. When I woke up I realized that it was a good thing I never got to, as it would take me about 50 tweets to do it, lol.

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